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Companies are always looking for ways to buy HDPE plastic. The reason for this is obvious, HDPE plastic, or HDPE polyethylene, is the kind of plastic that is most used in the world. That means that there is a constant demand for large amounts of HDPE plastic. At Nison Polymers & Commodities your company can buy HDPE polyethylene in bulk. We have a solid global network of suppliers and customers and because of our warehouses we are able to ship your order out in a moment’s notice. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about one of our orders or our service.

Buy HDPE plastic in bulk

Since the founding of Nison Polymers & Commodities in 2006 we have focused on building up long term relationships with polymer producers all over the world. Despite our international market we strive to keep these relationships as personal as possible. This approach has led to our current network which enables us to ship large amounts of HDPE polyethylene to our customers all over the world. Our offers vary from around 100 kilograms up to 50 tons. And because we can keep most of it in our own warehouse, we can guarantee a fast delivery. Customers that buy from us don’t have to worry about shipping because Nison Polymers & Commodities will take care of the entire import and export trajectory.

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In order to help you to the best of our abilities we would like to know the amount of HDPE polyethylene your company requires. We would therefore like to invite you to call us and tell us what your needs are. Nison Polymers & Commodities can be reached at +32 3 237 34 30.

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